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Residential Movers in Phoenix

Relocating to another area can be taxing and a challenge, so it is important to find a reliable moving company to handle everything for you. Residential movers in Phoenix can transport your valuable belongings from one place to another safely. Here are some tips you could use when choosing a professional moving company.

    • Browse around – Before deciding on a moving company, you’ll need to scrutinize other companies so you can compare their services and prices. Collect estimates from a number of residential movers in Phoenix. The quotes must be pegged on the on-site review of your things for the best estimate.

    • Insurance and company licenses – Make sure the local moving company you choose has the needed licenses issued by the authorities. They also have to be insured in case there will be any lost or damaged items. Insurance will go a long way in guaranteeing that you are dealing with one of the most reputable residential movers in Phoenix who can offer protection. It can be a cause of frustration if you end up with a company that is unwilling to compensate you in case something happens to one of your valuables. Insurance and licenses go together otherwise you may not be in a position to file legal charges against an establishment that does not have the necessary licenses to run the business.
    • Quality of service – When choosing a good moving company, there are several factors to be considered and one of the most important ones is the quality of service. To know more about the company’s quality of service, check reviews of customers who have availed of their services. You can also ask the company for some referrals. A reliable company will be more than happy to provide you with testimonials. You can also ask colleagues, relatives, and friends if they can recommend any movers they have dealt with before, especially those who have offered admirable service. Price can be a big reason but it shouldn’t be the main consideration.
    • A trusted name – Consider the mover’s qualifications in case you will be moving from one place to another with fragile items and valuables like precious china, crystal ware, or an object as large as a piano. It won’t hurt to ask the moving company’s representative lots of questions and it is quite understandable since you want assurance your things are in good hands during the move. Find out if they have experience in moving expensive furniture.
    • Warehouse facility – Does the company have a warehouse facility or good temporary storage? This is important in case you lack ready arrangements to offload your belongings to the new location. In case you arrive at your destination later than the goods – which does happen – you’ll need to temporarily store them until you arrive. In case you had to move in such short notice, you may need to store the cargo until you find suitable accommodation.

500 Move has a team of residential movers in Phoenix that is dedicated to providing great customer service. Our moving team is available to provide you with a full-service moving experience. Call us today at 1-877-500-6683 to get a FREE quote.

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