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Complete Moving Materials Can Make a Difference

Moving from one place to another can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. What you can do is try to alleviate the stress and try to make the move as easy as possible for you and the people involved.

Whether you are moving on your own or getting the service of long distance movers, you will need a lot of moving resources. Get an idea of the various moving materials available as far as moving suppliers go and browse through the internet for a moving checklist.

Some of the moving materials you need would depend on the move you are making. For example, the packing materials to move and keep in storage is different than what you’ll need when moving to a new home where everything will be unpacked after its arrival.

The most apparent moving materials you will need are good, sturdy moving boxes. They come in many different sizes and it would be good to have them all. There’s the kitchen box, medium box, large box, extra-large box, wardrobe box, and picture box.

The kitchen box is where you put the dishes, glassware, china, etc. The medium box is easy to handle carton designed for books and other media. Large boxes are utility boxes used for pots and pans, non-perishable food, toys, and small appliances. Extra-large boxes are for bulky items like lampshades, towels, and linens. The wardrobe box is equipped with a metal hanger bar to accommodate your clothes. You can transfer your clothes straight from the wardrobe with minimal effort. A picture box is perfect for transporting your artwork, mirror, and framed photos.

For items that require extra care, including bubble wrap as one of your moving materials. Stretch wrap is also useful for packing and moving. Mattress, sofa covers, and packing peanuts can be used to also prevent damage to fragile items. Don’t forget to buy lots of packing tape. Label the boxes that have fragile contents. Mark each side of the box with “FRAGILE” so the movers will know that the box contains delicate items and will handle them with care.

There are moving boxes that come with pre-printed areas where you can jot down what the box contains. If your boxes don’t have this, write the contents on a piece of paper and tape it on the box’s flap. When it is time to unpack, you will have a much easier task. After unloading the boxes from the truck, you will know which room the boxes will go to.

Try to pack some of your things in advance so you will know which items will be needed and which ones will go to the garage sale or be given away. The less you have to do before moving day, the better. Plan ahead, do what you need to do to be organized, and make the move easy and stress-free as possible. Remember that having the right and complete moving materials can make a huge difference when getting ready for the move.


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