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How to Find the Best Phoenix Local Mover

If you are planning to move from one area to another within the state, you most likely need to find the perfect Phoenix local mover. With all the choices available, it can be a tough decision to make. Moving, even locally, can be a hassle – it is a lot of work and it is best left to the experts. The question is, how can you tell which mover you should go with?

In 2012, the Better Business Bureau received thousands of complaints about movers in the United States. Most complaints commenced due to alleged damaged or lost property. Arriving late, not honoring estimates, and charging for unworked hours also made the list.

Planning the entire move up until moving day is stressful enough. Unexpected numbers appearing on the bill and having stuff broken can drive you up the roof. To avoid this from happening, find out the best Phoenix local mover, discuss everything, and carefully read through the contract to save the hassle.

Before browsing through a phone book for moving companies or searching the internet, ask family members, friends, and colleagues if they can recommend a good moving company. If you are working with a real estate agent, you can ask them for a referral. Collect the moving companies’ names and call each of them and ask for a quote.

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Ask the other companies on your list to give you the estimate. No company can give you a thorough estimate without seeing all your belongings first, but at least you already have an idea of how much you’ll be paying for the move.

During the estimate, keep an eye out for red flags. A reputable Phoenix local mover will not ask for a cash deposit before you move. If the company seems like they are trying to convince you to give money upfront, the best guess is that it might not be a legit business.

When discussing the estimates observe how professional or unprofessional the representative is. If the representative is having difficulty answering your questions or is unsure of his abilities, look for another company. Check the company’s website and moving photos. Movers who use a rented moving van are a no go. A reliable company will own its own moving equipment.

Whether or not you are moving out of state, make sure the moving company is licensed. The license should be a US DOT number and is issued by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Ask for this license number and verify it through protectyourmove.gov. If you are moving within the state, check with the local consumer affairs agency.

Pull up the mover’s website or ask for a business card. Look up the listed address through the phone book or on the internet. Make sure the Phoenix local mover’s address is registered and listed under the company name. Any address listed under a residential name is something you should be wary of.

If you are moving within the Phoenix or Arizona area, contact 500 Move. Give us a call today at 1-877-500-6683 to get an estimate.

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