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Hire the Right Long Distance Moving Service

Are you preparing for a move and looking into hiring a company that specializes in long distance moving service? This is a good idea. Having a moving company assist you with the move can help you with some of the burdens that come along with transferring to a new place. The thing is, there are a lot of unethical moving companies who are only interested in taking your money than delivering your valuables safe and sound.

Be Cautious If Something May Be Suspicious

When looking for a good long distance moving service company, some signs are obvious. Poor phone manners are definitely a red flag. Look up the company on the internet and check their website. A website that looks out of date or hasn’t been updated in a while is a sign of another problem. Movers that seem to lack experience and disorganized should not be ignored. Trust your instincts if you think there’s something wrong or if you have reason to believe that the company should not be trusted.

Check a company’s reputation as well as its business licenses. Also, make sure the long distance moving service company is willing to go to your home and check the items you wish to move. If the company’s representative simply gives you a quote over the phone without seeing your possessions, that is a bad sign. The estimate will not be accurate and you might end up getting billed a lot more than the quote mentioned over the phone.

Never trust a company that asks you to pay in advance, whether it is partial or the full amount. Always ask for references and thoroughly research the company on the internet. A company that is hesitant to provide you with references from previous customers is something you should stay away from.

Information and Paperwork Needed

Prior to the execution of the transfer or at the time of the estimate, the long distance moving service company must supply the following:

  1. Neutral dispute settlement/arbitration program information
  2. A copy of its written non-binding or binding estimate
  3. Contact information for the mover for inquires and complaints
  4. A copy of the U.S. Department Of Transportation (DOT) publication, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”

After the order for service has been implemented, the moving company should provide you with a copy after it has been signed and dated by you and a representative of the mover. At the time of pick up/loading time, the moving company should provide you with a copy of the freight bill or bill of lading. Included with the freight bill are scale weight tickets when the freight bill has been paid.

At the time of delivery, the long distance moving service will supply a copy of the completed bill of lading. After this has been done, double-check and make sure all your boxes and possessions are intact. If you are happy with the company’s service, leave a testimonial on their Facebook page or website for the reference of those who are looking for a moving company.

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