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Your Guide To Hiring Local Movers

Are you looking for someone to help out move without getting taken for a ride yourself? It’s all about hiring a reliable and trustworthy company. Why make moving suck more than it needs to?

Finding the right local movers will make the hassle of moving a breeze and take some serious stress off your shoulders. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to hire a moving company.

Know How to Spot a Shady Moving Company

Hiring local movers means trusting someone with your most important life possessions. Before you can start wading through the good movers to find one that’s right for you, it helps to know which ones to steer clear of.

Super Low Estimate: If a quote sounds way too good to be true, it probably is. While it’s always important to shop around for a good price, and there are plenty out there, an estimate that’s far too low should set off some alarms. The kind of corners the company is cutting to give you an ultra-low price could spell disaster for you and your most valued possessions.

Company Wants Too Much Money Up Front: Be wary of any company demanding too much money upfront. Paying everything upfront is never a good idea. You could end up being out a lot of cash as well as your personal belongings. You want to make sure the local movers you hire will safely get everything to its destination on time before they get your money.

Nonexistent Headquarters: If the company you call is hesitant or unwilling to give you their address, it’s time to look somewhere else. Another warning sign is a company that’s hard to get a hold of, with calls going to a generic answering machine.

What Type of Local Movers Are Right for You?

Full-Service Movers: Full-service local movers will cut out virtually all of the hassle associated with moving. They’ll pack up and move your belongings, leaving you with a lot less to worry about. Of course, going with a full-service mover will cost more, but you’ll end up with a lot more time to do the things you actually feel like doing.

Point A-To-B: You can save some money by doing all the major packing yourself. If you have all your boxes packed and other items ready to load up, you’ll just need a company to do all the heavy lifting to move your belongings.

Custom Packages: Plenty of movers will offer custom packages. This means local movers will only pack the items you want to be packed and let you handle as much, or as little, as you want. These types of packages allow you to pack up the smaller and less heavy boxes yourself, with the movers packing up the more bulky possessions.

How to Find the Right Local Mover

Once you’ve found the local movers who can handle the jobs you need to be done, it’s time to decide which one to hire. A good local mover will leave a trail of happy customers. It also helps to check out the websites of local movers to get a better idea of how they go about pricing.

If a company doesn’t have a website or has one that doesn’t provide any relevant information, you’ll probably want to go with someone else.

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