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Local Moves

We’re are proud to be the premier Moving and Storage Company in the Metro Phoenix area.

With 500MOVE, the most important customer we are relocating is you. From packing to moving to settling in, 500MOVE relocation network provides helpful advice and assistance from start to finish. We offer what customers are looking for; care, professional performance and non-compromised service.

Local moving charges are based upon hourly rates. The rate begins when the crew arrives at your first location and covers the total time of the move: the loading, packing time, driving to new location, and the unloading. There is a one-time fee called a travel time that covers the costs for traveling from our facility to your location, and back to our facility, once the move is complete.

Local Moves Charges:

Movers charge for labor, trucks, travel time and packing materials.


You pay an hourly rate for each member of the moving crew, clocked from the time they reach the job until they finish at your new address. An additional charge may be applied for multiple stops.


A truck is part of the hourly charge. Keep in mind that you need a truck designed to move household goods, not to move freight.

Travel Time

This charge covers the mover’s cost for traveling from the pickup location to the destination, and returning to his facilities from the destination after the move is complete.

Packing Materials

This is the cost of boxes, tape and other optional packing materials provided by the mover during the move. 500MOVE provides FREE padded blankets with every move to ensure the safety of your goods.


This is part of the hourly charge of the move. We offer optional professional full or partial packing services.